Thank YOU so much!



We expect Simon Cowell to get the same public response we received, only his new show with Yahoo!.tv will be about DJ’s and they pretty much just hit play on a record someone else produced. ugh.  It is so hard to cram an experience into 6-8 mins. Every major DJ and EDM act has given him a BIG “thumbs down” on the idea . . . but nonetheless, the public is curious about EDM, and we are honored to have been chosen over 100’s of submissions and to represent the electronic dance movement at the event!

We had an absolute blast at the Battle of the Boroughs! We got loads of votes! We didn’t win, but we kinda new we wouldn’t.

Fatboy Slim probably said it best, “Dance music . . . grows organically . . . it’s not something that can be scripted or transported into a TV Studio.”

On that . . . WE WANT TO THANK YOU!

please click the image above for free download. Its our way of saying WE LOVE YOU, and it means soon much that you took the time to vote for us, support us, and push dance music forward! you rule.

AND if you missed the performance. . . . we were the first act . . . starts around minute 4:30 . . .

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